Life Goes On

Within the past few days, one of my best childhood friends committed suicide. He did it because he was unable to get over his girlfriend of 7 years dumping him.

He had switched colleges for her, envisioned their future together, and generally supplicated to her lifestyle.

This is a guy who LIVED for his woman. The pedestal he had her on was GARGANTUAN in size.

It pisses me off to no end that a basic understanding of attraction could have saved his life. At the same time, a person must have an open mind to process such material.

His perspective was completely shut to alternative contexts because he believed in the bullshit. Lovey-dovey emotions and romantic idealism cloud the ability to think rationally. The world of sentimentality is not grounded in reality.

You have to kill your inner beta/simp/chump before he kills you. This is a very real problem. My friend died because of his incorrect interpretation of reality. There were still DECADES ahead where he could have changed his mentality for the better. Instead, he made a permanent decision over some stupid fucking shit that was blown out of proportion due to love goggles.

Understand that life is in constant flux.

There is no permanent state of existence.

When suicide becomes a viable option, shouldn’t ANYTHING be an option? He could have moved to a different city, country, or continent. He could have changed jobs or lifestyles.

There were whole fucking worlds out there he could have experienced – Worlds which he was infinitely better suited for.

You can never live for anyone else. This female worship needs to come to an end.

Ascribing to the love fantasy out of the social script is toxic to one’s life. The fantasy my friend had built up in his head came crashing down when his girlfriend walked out of his life.

He WANTED to be a provider. He WANTED to cater to her every need. He even fucking KILLED himself over the fact that she didn’t want him as her slave any longer.

It is drilled into our heads from a young age that we need to serve women in order to be considered real men.

My friend was a nice guy. The only problem is that he blindly put the needs of others ahead of his own. His entire sense of self appeared to revolve around fitting in to society and cultivating a respectable (expected) life.

Life is all about mental strength.

Everyone gets tossed around, the difference is how you react to it. My friend lacked the mental strength to overcome his learning experience. The world that he had known and grown attached to ceased to exist.

He had invested his entire life into moving towards the traditional fantasy of provider, house, wife, and kids.

You have to find the inner power to put your own well-being first. You can’t love others if you can’t even love yourself.

There isn’t a single woman who’s more important than your own life.

The feeling of “love” is simultaneously one of the greatest and worst experiences life has to offer. It is absolutely vital that you understand it.

There is no soul-mate.

Believing in a kind of romantic fatalism is not nearly as poetic or glorious as it sounds. What may seem like a fairytale only exists within your head. There are many girls out there who will all love you in the same way.

Throwing your entire existence away over the loss of one of them is completely ludicrous.

Events like these really put a lot of other things into perspective. I get depressed from time-to-time over stupid shit, but now I see how trivial it is.

Every moment is an opportunity to change your life for the better. There can be no adaptation of a victim’s mentality or moping around.

If you don’t like your existence, change it.

Why throw in the towel in the first quarter when you still have an entire game to play?

Things will always turn around if you put in the effort.

Try to understand your worldview from an outsider’s perspective. Tap into the neutral ego-less observer who exists within your mind (your true self).

Who cares if society thinks of you as a loser if you ignore the societal script. Who cares what your parents think.

The world is changing.

There is a different way to live in this day and age.

The curtain has been lifted.

Those who do not accept the truth will get chewed up by the meat grinder.

Women love in a calculated manner. It is men who allow themselves to get overwhelmed by their rose-colored glasses.

Have you ever taken time away from a woman only to discover she is not at all who you thought she was?

Such an instance is a brief taste of the reality of love.

Love causes us to build an exaggerated image in our heads of what we think the other person is like.

Relationships are all about the balance of power.

Love is praised as the answer for everything, but it is only a feeling. People do a lot of things for love, but you have to recognize it for what it actually is.

This is a matter of life and death.

Rest in peace


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  1. Inane Rambler says

    I never attempted to take my own life, but I was really strongly tempted to in a similar situation. I’ve never admitted it to anyone or had therapy for it.

    But I definitely know that a man has to kill his inner simp, and he has to constantly make sure it hasn’t resurrected. That shit is like a zombie.


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