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In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women. That’s why you gotta make your own moves.

-Tony Montana

Power, money, and sex are the 3 main pillars of society.

They act as units of currency (value).

Money can buy sex, while people use sex to get money. Power attracts money, and money creates power.

People want to become rich so they get power and sex. However, money isn’t necessary to have a lot of quality sex if you project inner-strength (power).

For attractive women, their primary currency is sex. They derive power from the value of their sex appeal. Men who carry themselves in a socially dominant and masculine manner (alphas) naturally attract abundant female energy as a balance to their clout. (Most women want the same shiny object.)

Weak/simpering betas have a hard time attracting women because they don’t radiate this energy. The vast majority of men have next to no sexual power and are ruled by a scarcity mentality, making them beg for the faintest whiff of pussy. Rape usually consists of a low value man taking away female power (sex) without giving anything in return.

When it comes to your own power, you have to learn how to project it. Game is simply discovering how to make your dominant side shine. This power has always been with you, even if you’ve never realized it.

Tapping into that energy will shock some people, but it’s a natural part of you.

It may be a side people haven’t seen in years.

Showing More Dominant Traits Doesn’t Make You Fake

It all starts with developing your inner-strength. Everything begins with your thoughts. It’s crucial to discipline your mind so you can realize where you’re messing up.

About five years ago, I was full of depression and social anxiety. Of course no attractive women would want anything to do with me. I didn’t have shit going on in my life.

You have to make your frame worthwhile to enter.

It’s Easier To Pull Attractive Women When You Live An Interesting Lifestyle

Choosing money over learning game will definitely give you some results, but your lack of knowledge about female nature will end up ruining your life in the long run. Women with exploitative motives will be trying to get a slice, and you’ll be ignorant enough to let them get close to you.

Perhaps one of them will “accidentally” get knocked up after digging one of your condoms out of the trash. Maybe you’ll buy into all the romantic idealisms and get married to an ex-carousel rider who still pines for her lovers of the past. She’ll naturally divorce you, take half your shit, and leave your life in shambles.

An idealistic mind with a lot of money is a dangerous thing.

The best choice of course is to develop your personal power while making money. Invest in your pillars of life. Be completely honest with yourself when assessing your weaknesses.

If your life sucks, you have to do something about it.

When the above quote from Scarface (1983) is mentioned in articles, it often excludes the last part:

That’s why you gotta make your own moves.

I’m surprised at its omission, because that line is about as real as it gets.

It’s Important To Be Independent And Capable By Yourself

You can look to the paths of others for inspiration, but you can’t expect them to give you all the answers. Even if a mentor’s trajectory has significant overlap with yours, no two paths will ever be entirely identical. The more self-sufficient you are, the more successful you’ll become in all other realms of life.

Such an attitude is crucial for developing personal power.

Life is so much more rich and fulfilling when you yourself are in control of where you are headed. I think that most people give this precious control to others because they aren’t comfortable to own up to their personal mistakes. They probably think “if I did what he told me to do then it’s not my fault.” Truthfully, It IS your fault because you’re ultimately the person with the choice.

This is why “NO” is a word of power.

When you tell people NO you’re stopping them dead in their tracks from imposing themselves onto your frame.

A weak person asserting himself from a place of bitterness and anger doesn’t project power. When you have inner-strength, your actions barely matter at all. Everything you do becomes cool just because YOU did it.

The sexual marketplace is completely neutral and devoid of feeling. If you’re on the losing end of the bell-curve, nature doesn’t give a shit about you. The world will seem hopeless and dreary. On the winning side of the bell-curve, sex is a never ending buffet.

Two Completely Different Realities

It’s crazy how peoples’ lives can be so contrasting from one another. Even throughout your own life, there will be many different realities to experience.

Just like any other market, the sexual market operates through exchange. If you have nothing to sell, you won’t get anything in return. Selling comfort and “twoo wuv” is the same thing as trying to sell air. No one will ever “love you for yourself” because people love what you represent. They love the traits you exude. This love may be genuine, but it isn’t unconditional.

Ever since I shifted towards a winning frame, I felt my power grow. At first, it was a bit nerve-wracking to choose a stronger move over a weaker one. Soon enough, I learned to suppress learned behaviors in favor of what I actually wanted to do.

Messing with girls from a position of strength puts a big smile on my face. It just feels right. It makes interactions so much more fun than being all boring and shit.

Who knows if you’ll get an unfavorable reaction?

But honestly, who cares?

As a man of value, you always have to be willing to lose them. Nothing says you have options more than interacting with girls for your own amusement.

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    You should do a post on alpha moves.
    Here’s the problem I face: my life is pretty much perfect on paper. I’m handsome, smart (full scholarship to law school), buff, etc… (though at 5’8″ I’m a little on the short side), but despite all that I am full of social anxiety and feel very alone in the world.


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