Flirting With Girls: How To Establish The Proper Dynamic

flirting with girls
Are you a sexual beast who goes after what he wants or an asexual lump who masturbates with his tears of lost opportunities?

When Flirting With Girls, The Frame You Set In The Beginning Is The One That’s Easier To Maintain

Showing all your weaknesses from the get-go makes it tougher to earn respect/establish attraction.

Comfort should be sprinkled in *sparingly*.

Being the dependable “nice guy” makes it a LOT harder to create a sexual frame. It’s much better to start off on the right foot with a new girl if you’ve dug yourself too deep into the friend-zone.

In fact, it’s impossible to experience the friend-zone when you’re detached from that dynamic…

Bad behavior must be immediately regulated. The second you make exceptions is the second you cede power. If a girl thinks it’s ok to beat around the bush or change you in any way, you need to soft or hard next depending on the severity of her infraction.

Your boundaries convey your principles/integrity, and a man without either doesn’t possess the authority to fuck attractive women.

The universe has a tendency to put you into your rightful place. Losers end up with land-whales because their unattractive behavior attracts a limited pool of mates (who similarly lack options).

Everything always finds its equilibrium.

A dominant frame allows you to achieve your maximum potential.

Attractive women become a part of your reality when your mind is ready to accept them. After all, people accept the love they think they deserve.

Women Are Intuitively Repulsed By Pussy-Ass Behavior
Because It’s Evolutionarily Weak

Girls want to make you happy.

They want to do things for you.

Go ahead and give them a chance to prove themselves.

The more they do for you, the more your value rises in comparison to theirs.

Having her perceive you as higher value will satisfy her desires (for the time being).

I never thought I’d develop this amount of personal power. It still catches me off-guard sometimes how reactive other people are to me. It’s as if everyone else can sense the presence of the girls I have fucked and the obstacles I’ve overcome.

When you reach a certain point, weak mentalities will be foreign for you – anything having to do with such realities will repulse you. It’s insanely easy not to catch feelings when your own life is your number one priority. Any person who makes you bleed value should be effortlessly erased from your reality.

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  1. Nick says

    I’d like you to do a post on the topic of booze. See, here’s the deal:
    When I’m sober, I’m waaaaay too much in my own head. I constantly second-guess myself and I walk around with a hungry look in my eyes, thinking, “I’d fuck her,” or “I wouldn’t fuck her,” etc. I feel socially awkward, at least from an internal perspective (maybe “socially awkward” is the wrong phrase, but I’m certainly quiet and have trouble finding the right words to say, connecting with others, etc.). I have no idea if others can sense this off me… It’s rare for me to have a successful flirty interaction with a girl while I’m sober anymore–it’s like they want to play this coy/bitchy game. [Just to keep things in perspective, I’m not some autistic retard. I’m handsome, intelligent, etc., though a bit on the short side at 5’8″. I have had lots of girlfriends and flings in the past, including a model, but the idea of the cold approach absolutely mortifies me].

    Now, throw about 4+ pints in me (one night I drank 12 pints of stout and was still smooth as a motherfucker) and I suddenly BECOME ALIVE. I can woo damn near any girl. I don’t give a fuck about the consequences of anything. I’ll say anything, do anything, all with a “who gives a fuck?” attitude and the girls EAT IT UP. Random makeouts at clubs. Rawdogging in the toilets at pubs. Hot, rich bitches who I usually think are way out of my league will tell me that they’re SCARED about how attracted they are to me. One girl recently “accidentally” told me she loved me the third or fourth time we fucked–I’ve known her for about 2 weeks.

    How do I reconcile the discrepancy? Clearly the potential is down there SOMEWHERE, but I’m tired of relying on booze as a crutch. I’m also reluctant to keep it up because if I do, I’ll probably become an alcoholic. Still, it mystifies me. The difference is literally between night and day. Are all these girls actually attracted to me in the sober daytime, and I’m just too much in my own head to notice, or does my assume-the-sale, no-fucks-given mentality when I’m drunk woo them in?

    Interestingly, once I’ve pulled bitches drunk, I can usually keep them in rotation when I’m sober (regular hangouts without booze, etc., some of which turn into 8 and 12 month mini-relationships).

    Let me know what you think. If I could be even HALF as smooth sober as I am while drunk, I’d never spend another night alone again (unless I wanted to).

    P.S. – Just for a frame of reference, my notch count is 19. It’s not like I’m doing BAD with chicks–I just want to do better.

  2. mister_infinite says

    It’s THE ATTITUDE regardless if it is induced by alcohol or not. When you build your inner-game, the fear goes away.


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