Step-By-Step Frame Control – It’s EASY!

frame control
Frame control is one of the most important things you can learn.

You don’t need to assert your frame 100% of the time as long as you have a general understanding of the concept.

If another person has a better idea than you, it’s ok to back down.

There’s a difference between holding your ground and being a stubborn idiot.

Your Frame Needs To Be Bulletproof

Women demand dominance.

Relationships/sexual interactions take a nosedive when you try to fit into the girl’s frame.

If you’re meeting HER friends, going to HER place, and partying on HER turf, then you’re fucking up my son. When you let her call the shots and try to fit into her schedule, you aren’t going to get anywhere. If you follow her lead, she’ll shit out a very complex obstacle course consisting of orbiters, cockblocks, and logistical problems that will leave you draw-less.

She’s The One Who’s Becoming A Part Of Your Life,
Not The Other Way Around

Conventional relationship advice tells you to try harder to fit into her frame.

However, you’re not supposed to be “seeing eye-to-eye”.

As a man of value, you don’t make exceptions for difficult women. If she really wanted to see you, she would agree to your plans. At the very least, she’d counter-offer if she actually WAS busy.

You can keep lying to yourself and keep chasing unreceptive pussy, or you can learn to accept soft rejections and enjoy a much more fulfilling life.

If Johnny Depp or Justin Bieber offered to chill with the same girl who rejected you, do you think she’d turn them down?

Hellll nahhh… Their value is high enough relative to hers.

Always evaluate whose frame the interaction is taking place in.

  • Who’s asking more questions?
  • Who’s more reactive?
  • Who leans in more?
  • Who cares less?

You Express A Solid Frame Naturally When You
Develop A Strong Personality

Don’t fidget.

Be independent.

Own your environment.

Devote yourself to your interests.

Be less reactive to others than they are to you.

Live your life to the fullest and invite girls along if they deserve it.

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  1. says

    This is also an amazing cure for oneitis or rejection. If you remember that it’s *your* life that’s awesome and that she’s lucky to be involved in pieces of it, everything is easier to handle.


  1. […] Respect is everything. The only way to live is to stay true to your frame regardless of external pressure. Sucking up to perceived “higher-status” individuals simply makes you look like a loser. Your default state of mind should be that you are at the VERY least equal to everybody else. When you are 100% secure within your own reality, others will be unable to impose their frames upon you. An alpha does what he wants regardless of what people want him to do. Sometimes he agrees… other times he doesn’t. […]

  2. […] We typically get more of what we already have because that’s what we end up expecting. A natural alpha does well with women because that’s all he knows. His reality has been reinforced throughout his entire life, so he understands on an extremely deep/subconscious level that he is entitled to victory. The person who you believe yourself to be is what you will manifest for yourself. Your emotional imprint will always dominate over positive self-talk. What this truly comes down to is frame control. […]

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