How To Relate From Man To Woman

man to woman
Guys have problems getting women when they don’t know how to relate to them.

An inexperienced man will try talking to a woman like he would to a male friend.

He’ll talk about interests, goals, small-talk, etc.

While these topics are great for building comfort, they do nothing to create the ever important vagina tingle. Being safe and predictable are beta traits. Girls want someone who pushes all of their buttons. You don’t even need to have anything in common in order to get laid.

To properly relate from man to woman, you have to come from a position of strength.

Think back to your elementary school days.

Did you ever take girls seriously?

Wasn’t it a lot more fun to playfully tease them and laugh at their reactions?

Sadly, much of this youthful playfulness is lost as we get older when our culture conditions us to defer to women and to cater to their ridiculous demands.

Now listen very closely. Girls are entirely different from you and live in a completely separate reality. When you come from a position of strength, you can make women feel a wide range of emotions as well as having them respect you.

In fact, it’s more important to be respected than to be liked.

Stop trying to win girls over by being friends with them. It’s funny how a guy who relates to girls like a friend is flabbergasted when he’s friend-zoned.

Do you want to fuck her or do you want to be her gay best friend?

Act like a fucking man, not a little girl. If you have to try hard to get women, you’re doing it wrong.

It really doesn’t take much. The best game is minimal. It’s never worth it if she isn’t putting in any effort.

Make her work for the dick.

Pussy-hounds could put their energy to much better use by focusing on themselves.

What’s left when you leave the girl from the equation?


It’s your job as a man to set the frame and lead the conversation. Talk about whatever the fuck you want to. Focus on the *emotional content* of the subject matter.

Do you take her through many highs and lows?

Plenty of guys are afraid to make a girl even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Ironically enough, if she feels completely comfortable, she won’t feel attraction.

Great job! You’ve successfully cut your balls off! Welcome to her harem of eunuch orbiters!

Your default state of mind should wonder what she has to offer you. As much as she tries to hide it, a girl ultimately wants to work hard to please her man.

You have nothing to prove. Good dick is scarce and extremely valuable. Beauty is common.

Don’t stress out about women. It should be fun when you interact with them. Most frustrations stem from misunderstanding the nature of women. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (pun intended).

Women aren’t men.

They don’t see the world like men.

Don’t talk to them like men.

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